Who we are

DJ Sangh is a group of people in North California (Bay Area) who follows Digambar tradition in Jainism. We are like a home away from home, together we serve as a Family.

We Believe In | Live and Let Live


Non-violence (Ahinsa)

The principle of ahinsā (“non-violence” or “non-injury”) is a fundamental tenet of Jainism. It believes that one must abandon all violent activity, and without such a commitment to non-violence, all religious behavior is worthless. In Jain theology, it does not matter how correct or defensible the violence may be, one must not kill any being, and “non-violence is one’s highest religious duty

Non-possession (Aparigraha)

The third main principle in Jainism is aparigraha which means non-attachment to worldly possessions. For ascetics, Jainism requires a vow of complete non-possession of any property. For Jain laypersons, it recommends limited possession of property that has been honestly earned and giving the excess property to charity.
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Many-sidedness (Anekantavada)

The second main principle of Jainism is anekāntavāda or anekantatva, a word derived from anekānta (“not one ended, sided”, “many-sidedness” or “manifoldness”) and vada (“doctrine”, “way”).
The anekāntavāda doctrine states that truth and reality are complex and always has multiple aspects.
One can experience the truth of a taste, but cannot fully express that taste through language. Any attempts to express the experience is syāt, or valid “in some respect” but it remains a “perhaps, just one perspective, incomplete

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