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We live our mission, every day. Service to the community is at the cornerstone of everything we do and our Sangh for exceptional initiatives.
Our volunteers build strong teams that deliver exceptional efforts through devotion, communication, and collaboration.
Every volunteer plays a vital role in our mission. We embrace diversity and the learning and experience that comes with it.
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Jainism rests on a real understanding of the working of karma, its effects on the living soul and the conditions for extinguishing action and the soul's release. Jainism considers the soul as a living substance that combines with various kinds of non-living matters. The Jain religion rests on complete inactivity and absolute nonviolence (ahimsa) against all living beings, there for all practicing Jains remain vegetarians.
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Jeev Daya

Live and let Live
All Life is Sacred. We encourage all to donate for Jeev Daya (care of animal and bird life) and for their habitat.
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Jainism is a religion originally from India that teaches that "all the events in the universe are self-caused, random, fixed and are independent of previous events or external causes or god": Jain philosophy is the oldest philosophy of India that distinguishes body (matter) from the soul (consciousness) completely. It teaches that the universe is eternal and that every living being has a soul which has the power to become all-knowing(observer of all the random events). A soul which has won over its inner enemies like attachment, greed, pride, etc. is called Jina which means conqueror or victor(over ignorance).

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