Jinalaya Site

Jin Mandir Nirman

We all dream about the Jin Mandir Nirman and with God's grace, we got this once in lifetime opportunity to be a part of it. DJ Sangh Facilities team has taken possession of the site and made arrangements for regular maintenance of grass and vegetation in a non-violent way as possible. Bay Area has seen a lot of rain in the last 2 months and many of us have not been able to visit the Jinalaya site where we build our Temple.

Jinalaya Site Live

Jinalaya Site Visit Logistics & Demolition

DJ Sangh Facilities team will update the dates and upcoming schedule for logistics and demolition activities at the site.. for more info stay tuned.

Project Objective

  1. Spread and Save Jainism in Digambar tradition (Dharam Prabhavna)
  2. Provide High-Quality Educational video content for present and future young generation
  3. Provide a quick and easy way of doing swadhyay

Project Highlights

  1. Blessings and guidance of Muni Shri Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj
  2. Extensive Research on Jain scriptures by the team
  3. Great opportunity for Gyaan Daan (especially you can take the benefit of tax deduction since DJSangh is a nonprofit organization registered under 501(c)(3).
  4. Script and video content will be reviewed by Digambar Jain scholars before the final release.

Video release:

  1. This video will be aired on Paras Channel
  2. Free video will be available on youtube and other Jain websites
  3. No individual names of sponsors or volunteers will be published in the video
  4. Subtitles, Hindi accent, improvement in characters and animation will be available in the final release.



“Our brain is more of an image processor than a word processor”
We can remember and relate to visual cues more than written words. This is especially true and important when we want to teach our kids and youth about the concepts of Jainism, educate them about the life of Bhagwan Mahaveer and the way he led his life that ultimately led him to Moksha.
To make those efforts easy, Digambar Jain Sangh of Northern California started this project where they engaged an animation studio to create a High-Quality animated video on the life of “Bhagwan Mahaveer”. The main idea is to learn how a Bheel (Tribal person) became “Bhagwan”. There is no such content currently available that is based on Digambar Tradition.
Project Cost
The complete project would be about 30 mins long with an estimated total cost of Rs 40Lakh (appx. ~$60,000 USD).